10 Reasons Your Restaurant Facebook Ads Are Failing

No matter where you are, you can be sure that your local area has thousands of Facebook users, many of whom would consider eating out or ordering takeout. 9 quotes to help you unleash your creativity Top 10 Global Trends for 2017 from Think Collective What you need to know about programmatic buying Based on this year’s megatrends, what to expect from digital advertising in 2017 Entrepreneurial Growth Diagnostics: Part One. But what is the best way to achieve these goals? Here are some of the most common reasons why #RestaurantFacebookAds fail.

Not showing off what your chef can do On Facebook, the first (and often the only thing) people see when they show your ad is the image you choose, so choose those images that your customers won’t be able to resist. Not thinking about images properly Before finalizing your choice, test some images to make sure you get it right. If necessary, ask a professional photographer to do the work. Always use multiple images. That way, you can use Facebook’s split-testing feature to see which ones convert the most. Targeting the wrong age group Are you making it for families with young children, or a place for millennials to hang out?

Ambiguous or missing call to action

All Facebook ads should include a call to action. That’s the point of the ad, so don’t forget to highlight it in the ad. Failed to include bait Poorly designed ads also lack potential customer art director email list appeal, such as discounts and free items.

If it doesn’t stand out, it will disappear into the plethora of ads users receive, so make sure you get it right. Ad placement is not considered Facebook offers a few places to display ads. The news feed is more expensive and generally easier to see, but the right panel still delivers excellent results. Test it out to see if it’s worth the extra money. Failed to A/B Test Failed Facebook ad campaigns are almost always poorly done. However, you can hire a marketing expert to A/B test all key advertising factors and it’s a worthwhile investment. A/B testing can determine the best combination of elements and avoid costly mistakes that can ruin a Facebook ad campaign.

art director email list
art director email list

Free Social Media Management Dashboard for Restaurants

The self-service version of the dashboard is completely free to use. Just create a free account via the blue button. Once logged in, restaurants can create posts and schedule them to be posted to their social media accounts. Dashboard is an easy-to-use tool that provides centralized control of major social networks. The Professional Edition provides clear statistics presented in a set of interactive graphs and charts. Content performance statistics EA Leads include your most successful posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Additionally, you can find out which content performs best and generates the most clicks. You can find out which #hashtags are ranking highest on Facebook and Twitter. There are even powerful search tools that allow users to find curated content to post, such as videos, topical news, and trending content. Click the blue button to get your free social media management dashboard and start planning content to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts today!

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