17 Church Websites That Welcome You

17 Church Websites That Welcome You Church websites need to be user friendly, welcoming and informative. It has to be a place where one can access sermons online, have an easy way to reach out and connect and find out about news and events. It should be familiar and easy for the existing congregation as well as newcomers. Inspiring church website examples Illustration by OrangeCrush How can a church website design be functional and look good? To answer that question we’ve put together a list of examples that showcase church websites that visually engage users and guide them to find the information they need. Each example demonstrates that there are lots of useful design features that work splendidly to make a church website special and great.

We hope that these examples inspire

you to think about designing your church website to emphasize what you would like to say about it. What makes a church website good? — Like any website, a church website is nothing without its visitors. Churches tend to have visitors belonging to India WhatsApp Number List varied age groups and levels of tech savviness. So the best church websites are clear and easy to use. Other elements will depend on the way a church operates. Do they have a steady online presence or do they prefer to keep events on-site? Are the necessary information upfront and accessible, such as upcoming events

A church website should be crystal

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clear even to a person who is new to a city or country. So what are some of the best church websites out there? We have collected amazing church designs to inspire members of the church, designers and anyone else who needs to build a website for a church. Church websites that use strong imagery — Hillsong Church hillsong church homepage Via Hillsong Church What stands out in Hillsong Church’s website is how visually distinct each section feels from one another. Each page has a different background, often a high-definition photo of a London neighborhood, or the people, or just a fun, vibrant color. With the thick, bold font, the feature image on each page really gives a strong first impression.

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