17 Must-have Digital Marketing Tools When Starting a Business

Small and medium-sized businesses, in particular, are catching up with modern technology by combining their existing marketing efforts with digital marketing strategies in an attempt to capture the growing, productive online market.

In fact, digital consumption has revolutionized the way businesses operate, and social media content seems to proliferate every day, so marketers will have more options than ever before when considering how to reach consumers.

Signs that you are losing the market!

Brian had listened intently when it was explained to him what he should do. He had actually followed most of the instructions exactly as the instructor had written them down for him on the sheet of paper. The instructor had wanted to make sure he would remember them. But Brian had made a big mistake. He had south carolina email list added the packet of sugar which was already on the kitchen counter. Actually, he should have used the vanilla extract. The extract, however, was still in the kitchen cabinet. After all, he had forgotten that the instructor had told him to always put every ingredient on the kitchen counter in advance. This would’ve helped him remember. The different sugar ruined the recipe. It was the vanilla extract, after all, that gave the dessert its distinct flavor.

SproutSocial helps businesses grow their social media presence across all social platforms. This amazing tool also gives you important analytics related to viewer engagement and post reach.

south carolina email list
south carolina email list

Advanced geolocation strategies and tactics.

Whether you want to automatically send a tweet, an upcoming blog, or get an email about your favorite match, IFTTT can do it all for you. The tool also integrates with Buffer and Hootsuite, making it a must-have for serious digital marketing professionals. Oktopost — Oktopost is an essential social media management tool that allows B2B marketers to manage their online businesses using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

This tool is designed for B2B marketers to track every lead your business generates and provides the best analytical reports to analyze the networks, profiles, posts and tweets that are most effective for your business.

Use Oktopost to measure all your social media marketing EA Leads campaigns, impressions, engagement, conversions and relevant discovery content. Zapier — Zapier is a cloud-based web tool that automates tasks between two online apps you might use in your life or business by creating “Zaps”. The tool follows the “if yes, then that” (also known as “trigger-action”) structure and does not require any coding knowledge to create Zap. Zapier recently updated its service by enabling Zaps to update between 3 or more apps/services.

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