1919 Co., Ltd. Supports Japanese Kols and Talents Entering China

Background of establishment
The size of the social media marketing market in japan exceeds 500 billion yen, and according to instalab. Influencer marketing is expected to reach 42.5 billion yen this year and.72.3 billion yen in 2025. Furthermore, since china has a population of 1.4 billion and a large land area. Kol marketing is more reliable and dependent than. Japan, and the market size is growing to 1.7 trillion yen.

However, there were many voices and email list database examples that even though they tried to enter the huge market from japan. They were hindered by the barriers of regulations and customs, and they. Could not easily find an opportunity to take on the challenge. However, it was established with the aim of creating. A system to enable us to take on the challenge of the chinese. Market, and to support the realization of the “Chinese dream.”



1919 features

1. Support KOL’s expansion into China, register accounts for SNS and platforms, create Chinese telops such as videos, and perform simple editing.

2. In addition to support through collaboration with domestic MCNs and entertainment agencies, we also provide support through direct management contracts with our company.

3. When Chinese companies enter the Japanese market, there are many cases in which they

wish to hire Japanese KOLs and talents


email list database

1919 Co. , Ltd. aims to further revitalize the KOL markets in both Japan and China and aim to be the one and only MCN that exports to China. He wants to be a presence that makes the world stronger, and will provide a stage where anyone can challenge regardless of experience or ability.

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