Instagram an Avalanche of Novelties in 2019 the Social Network

Instagram continues to rise, and the social network intends to stay close to its internet users and aims to retain them. To do this, the social network must of course add new features to its platform. But also stand out from its competitors to avoid adding identical content to Senegal Phone number other social networks. Also, it’s our turn to reveal instagram’s little secrets for the month of march 2019. What is instagram offering us this month? This time. Instagram has been able to show innovation for its social network. While drawing inspiration from the strengths of its competitors. The social network offers its users new features that are still under development.

What Is Instagram Offering Us This Month This Time Development

Here, these are three new features still in the test phase that seem to be eagerly awaited by users. No more suspense, we let you discover what it is. Watch party: what is it? Discovered by engineer Jane Manchun Wong, the watch party could well seduce more than one. This is Senegal Phone number because it allows users to watch the same video while chatting. Instagram then plays on the interactive side between users but also promotes sharing in the user experience. It can also be inferred that this feature appeared so that users can watch IGTVs at the same time. The IGTV feature is not new, but it took some time for Instagram users to fully utilize it.

Karaoke on Instagram It’s Possible Since Snapchat Competitors

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Does Jane Manchun Wong tell us about the new Instagram feature: Watch Party Karaoke on Instagram? It’s possible! Since Snapchat has lost its footing with TikTok, Instagram seems unwilling to go on the same adventure as Snapchat. To avoid being overwhelmed by the new social network in vogue among teenagers, Instagram is setting up a novelty that is very similar to the business Senegal Phone number sector of TikTok. Thus, Jane Manchun Wong noticed that Instagram was testing a new karaoke feature! To access this feature, you will need to add music to your story and you will be able to access the lyrics of the selected songs in a swipe. Instagram is introducing a karaoke feature for its users More organized contacts? The last feature in the test is more specifically about reorganizing the accounts you follow based on the date of subscription.

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