26 Blog Design Ideas to Do Your Content

26 Blog Design Ideas to Do Your Content So, you’ve got your topic and you’ve nailed your angle. You’re chewing at the bit to create your blog, but don’t know where to start on its appearance. Well, don’t worry, we’ve compiled 26 comprehensive blog design ideas to get you on the right track. From header images through to layouts for your articles, we’ll walk you through some blog examples that cover all bases. Perfecting your blog design — Whether you’re a company providing a service and want to share more with your customers, or an individual wanting to share your passion and knowledge with the wider world, a blog is an important way to connect with your audience.

They Can Be Standalone

driving traffic to your posts or they can be part of a bigger website, driving customers to your products. pastel colored blog design Illustration by Orange Crush A blog can be a great window into who you are as a brand or person and what your passion is. Your blog can also encourage people to follow and share your content on social media or sign Malta WhatsApp Number List up for an email newsletter. So, what’s the difference between designing a blog and a digital news site or magazine publication? While news and magazines sites are mainly informative, authoritative, and matter-of-fact, blogs are your chance to connect with your audience

Rather Than Just Stating the

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facts of a news story like on a news site or adding quotes and color like in an online magazine article, your blog is the chance to show your own opinion and feelings about your subject of interest. Your blog design needs to express all of this in a visual way. So, let’s dive in. Define your blogging brand with these creative blog design ideas — 1. Be sophisticated with full-screen photos You want to appeal to a sophisticated fashion or lifestyle audience, but don’t know where to start? You can’t go wrong with taking some tips from the blog design example below. Note how it uses a full-screen slider with a stylish, sultry fashion photo as the backdrop. dark mode blog design Blog design by Tomasz Mazurczak via Dribbble The sophisticated colors and design scream high-end fashion, while the titles of the latest articles, in white, leap off the page.

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