4 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Transform the Travel and Hospitality Industry

The industry was one of the first to begin the widespread use of digital technology in customer interactions, as improved customer service delights customers and customers, attracting new guests to grow and prosper. Now, we’re going to show you 4 digital marketing trends that will help you transform and improve your travel and hospitality business.

Due to the ubiquity of smartphones, booking hotel rooms and tickets via PC is no longer a trend, especially among younger audiences. Criteo’s latest Travel Insights survey shows that mobile shopping is gaining traction in the travel industry, with the majority of mobile traffic and bookings coming from travelers looking to shrug off a whim. Travel agents with mobile apps saw 60% of bookings made via mobile devices in Q4 2017, with 45% of almost all bookings made via smartphones and tablets. This means that if you want to interact with your customers, you have to create your own mobile app that provides a deeper connection than just booking a hotel. You can add options such as showing interesting locations near your hotel and other services your customers might want.

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Providing a seamless customer experience is a “must have” for companies, and it’s all about finding a new way to engage with your audience in a very useful way. Travel agencies used to process bookings for their customers, but today, customers are more proactive than ever. Today, any customer can book an realtor mailing list itinerary, book hotel flights, air tickets, car rentals, and more from a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Artificial intelligence enables computers to recognize, interpret and process image and video datasets as needed. If you use AI to predict your customer’s needs, their likes and needs, you will have more chances to influence his decision and convince him to use your service. Automated analytics algorithms can help you analyze information on thousands of individuals.

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The use of social media like Facebook, especially EA Leads Instagram, can have a huge impact on the travel and hospitality industry. Traveling for business is no longer dependent on guidebooks and TV commercials, as many people today are researching social media in order to find the best destination for a vacation, and influencers are setting travel trends.

They post great pictures with descriptions, recommending food, drinks, restaurants and clubs. Almost everything a customer needs so they don’t have to use a guide where the information might be out of date. According to Nielsen’s research on Google, more than half of people who are ready to book a trip turn to social media for tips. The travel and hospitality industry is rapidly transforming with the use of social media, and it is always beneficial to follow the trend if you want to be successful.

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