4 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Growth and Acquisition Manager

Social media spending is expected to double over the next few years and will account for an increasing percentage of marketing budgets. When you expand your company’s user acquisition and retention strategy to include paid social networking sites, you need the people in your hands to have a variety of skills and experience to be successful. Builderall Review 2018 — Everything you need to know 8 costly mistakes that will cause your digital agency to fail Paid Advertising.

Why Invest in Digital Advertising? [Infographic] – Google AdWords Express What made me choose Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program? Specific responsibilities will vary from company to company, but in general, the functions of a growth and acquisition manager are: Develop strategies for the company to execute its growth plans Strategize and allocate budget around the right channels Test results and optimize based on get free sweden phone number assumptions about the advertising strategy itself and the customer experience on the channel. Growth and acquisition managers have a huge task as they are often responsible for executing paid search, paid social, organic and word-of-mouth channels. Here are four mistakes to avoid when hiring a growth and acquisition manager when you decide you want to get into the social space in particular.

Prioritizing social media skills over analytical skills

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It is obviously important that candidates understand these platforms and their role in terms of content and consumers. Candidates with strong social media management skills can show you that they have a firm grasp on the right message and can also attract the right customer base. But if they don’t have the ability to understand the numbers these platforms keep coming up with, then you can’t be sure your information is cost-effective. In particular, Facebook provides the largest and fastest feedback mechanism ever for advertisers, and – data is the lifeblood of any growth function – people who can organize and analyze large amounts of data based on campaign performance will provide the most value to your social network Media advertisement.

What should you be looking for.

To improve ad/channel performance: When managing social EA Leads advertising at scale, those responsible for acquisition must be able to: View real-time performance information Perform periodic tests Make appropriate changes. For example, run A/B tests for specific ad formats or creatives. Your candidate will need to be able to understand whether the results show that, after reaching a certain statistical significance, a particular ad for an image of a man in a blue shirt performs better than an ad for a man in a red shirt. You need your candidate to understand what metrics tell the story and how you should use that information.

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