4 Questions to Answer Before Deciding to Market Wechat

Everyone knows that WeChat is an amazing instant messaging app and has compared it to Facebook and Twitter. But really, it’s not like Facebook or Twitter. Knowing how it works is an entry requirement for any interested marketer. If not, you will have unrealistic expectations and frustrating results. Here is an example.

One day this lady approached me at lunchtime. Seeing that I was still working on something, she eagerly gave me her phone number and said, “Jiang Yue, my husband and I have a Pizza Hut store, and we really need a WeChat account. I know you’re good at building it.” Call me when. Even on weekends.

I was flattered and confused. Pizza Hut? WeChat? How are they together? Oh, and she also said she heard that Chinese people can place orders on WeChat. That’s true. In China, people do everything on WeChat. But in Melbourne, many features have yet to materialize. I had to tell her that this is not feasible in Australia and she might as well put her money into some Chinese online food ordering platforms.

What can you get out of this?

Marketers must understand what they can and cannot expect list of phone numbers in usa from this communication tool. WeChat is powerful, but after all, it is a social media platform in nature. You can use it for brand exposure, news communications, public relations, customer service and engagement. Get promotions if you like; build a following if you’re lucky. These are the things you can look forward to from any social media platform.

list of phone numbers in usa
list of phone numbers in usa

However, expectations such as turning around operating woes or surging profits within three months seem implausible.

What is the relationship between you and your customers?

Sometimes it’s hard to control yourself when everyone else is moving forward. However, I recommend that you seriously think about your relationship with your Chinese clients, even though you should have done so long ago. Believe it or not, some people stick with certain brands only because they are 100% Australian.

Is it a WeChat marketer, or a salesperson who speaks Mandarin? If your budget isn’t big enough to have both, you need to reconsider your actual needs. An efficient, well-presented in-store salesperson will help EA Leads you overcome language barriers and what this app can do. And even better, they bring in direct sales. For those with a small budget but KPIs are close behind, WeChat should be at the back of the list. The platform is more effective for brands with rich and engaging resources. Think Airbnb. It has lots of activities, tree houses and inspiring travel stories to share with followers. and capitalize it by clicking.

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