5 Best Tips for Writing Great Ad Copy

Although it’s a difficult process, we have some tips to fine-tune your copy and make it more effective: Don’t write boring text; instead, ask questions and engage with your prospects. If you’re selling a digital marketing platform, don’t write something like “Digital Marketing Platform – Try It Now”; ask yourself, why would anyone look for such a platform online? Promote sales? Attract more customers? Show your customers that you understand their needs by writing something like “Struggling to acquire new customers?” — Use our platform! “. Knowing what your potential users are typing in the search bar to find you online is a great way to help you adapt the text to their needs. 2) You don’t have much space, make the most of it.

What is your target audience?

Your ad cannot contain the full 600 words switzerland phone number of text. For example, Google Adwords allows 80 characters for a description – but you probably don’t need that much space. In most cases, short sentences will do the trick: after all, the goal is to generate clicks on your ad, and more text just confuses viewers. Conversely, short, well-structured phrases may provoke curiosity.

Add value with what you can offer (free shipping, discounts, etc.).

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switzerland phone number

We’ve decided to use a rule of thumb for the sentence length check in our plugin: you shouldn’t have too many sentences longer than 20 words. Granted, a very complex sentence with 18 words can be more difficult to read than a more simple sentence with 22 words. Moreover, research shows it’s also important to vary. That’s you should use common sense when optimizing your text. But in general, using shorter sentences helps you get your message across, especially online.

Another survey EA Leads conducted by Alixpartners found that the second most common reason customers decided not to order was due to high delivery costs. 4) Adapt the text to your audience There is no need to use very technical terms when writing ad copy. Such vocabulary is being sued to put off many potential buyers of products or users of services.

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