5 Mexican Designers You Should Know

5 Mexican Designers You Should Know n the early 20th century, Mexico developed a reputation as an artistic powerhouse, nurturing greats like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. The tradition continues today; we’re showcasing five excellent Mexican designers. Not only is this a chance to highlight talented designers who deserve our attention, but it’s also an opportunity to explore both those who have transcended the design traits of their country as well as those who are helping shape Mexico’s modern design reputation—one of bright colors, patterns and symbols. Enjoy! Luis sugar skull hand Luis Pinto Luis Pinto — Originating from Mexico, designer Luis Pinto works from sketches to create concepts that are magical, joyful, and often whimsical. Many of his works feature a motif seen frequently in Mexican graphic design—flat and brightly colored backgrounds

Which Offer Contrast to Detailed Multicolored

subject matter. Pinto pushes this concept to the limit, working in as many as 6 deep, bright and saturated colors into the foreground content. Another symbol of Mexican design which decorates Pinto’s work is fire, as seen on the palm of the featured design.

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Zolezzi’s Work Is Identifiable in Its Cut

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