5 Myths About Paid Marketing With Adwords

Of course, AdWords is a digital platform. But did you know you can actually track calls from AdWords? With an AdWords phone extension number or the “Call” button in your ad, people can call you without even clicking through to your website. Plus, these calls will be logged as conversions, so you can track the effectiveness of these features. It will also get better. Want to track potential customers of people who click on your ad and then call the phone number they see on your website? You can set up dynamic number swapping, a feature that automatically swaps phone numbers on your website for unique Google numbers. AdWords then tracks every call made to that phone number during usa phone number leads the call and forwards the call to your regular phone. Using third-party tools, you can record calls for quality assurance. This is especially useful for finding out where you’re losing interested customers, common problems they’re having with your product or service, and other opportunities to improve customer service. Here it impresses: you can import conversion data into your AdWords account after your sales team closes a new business. This means that even if a visitor converts over the phone two weeks later, you can factor this data into your metrics and ROI calculations.

usa phone number leads
usa phone number leads

“My competitors will click on my ad over and over again to drive up my fees.”

Is it really in the competitor’s best interest to spend all day clicking ads over and over again? Probably not. But even if the chances of it happening are small, don’t worry. Google’s credibility as an advertising platform rests on its ability to deliver qualified leads. If they let competitors push you off their platform, it doesn’t bode well for their business. That’s why Google invests a lot of time and resources into fraud detection. Their algorithms detect unusual activity, and if fraud is detected, they credit you for the click. AdWords Myth #4:

“Nobody actually clicks on PPC ads.”

Some people avoid clicking on ads, but most don’t. If they did, ParaCore and thousands of other PPC agencies would not be in business. It’s also why Google is still one of the largest companies in the world. In fact, most of Google’s revenue comes from advertising. In 2015, they grossed more EA Leads than $67 billion at the box office. People might say they didn’t click on the ad, but the numbers don’t lie. Plus, many businesses aren’t actually trying to get people to click on their ads. Sometimes, the main goal is to increase brand awareness. In this case, a branded PPC campaign can effectively advertise and start driving people into the sales funnel.

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