5 Tips for Your Google Ads Campaign in 2021

How about this year’s resolution to cut down on your Google ad budget and start making your campaigns more profitable?

Google tends to push more

automation and complexity into its advertising products. It helps with day-to-day campaign management, but it sacrifices campaign clarity and makes it harder to control.

Marketers must remain in control of their campaigns and strategies. Google get free sweden phone number optimization isn’t always in the best interests of advertisers, nor does it know the brand’s context. One solution might be to use third-party tools for auditing Google Ads campaigns. This helps advertisers gain insight into their own campaigns while making the final decision.

To succeed in 2021, we need to tackle new things like integrating more data, maintaining control over Google’s auto-optimization, and battling increasing competition. But there is no time for that. Here are five New Year’s resolutions to focus on in 2021.


1. SKAGs are dead, intents are in fashion

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Google values ​​consistency within campaigns. The more similar your keywords perform, the better your overall campaign will perform. This is the rationale behind the infamous Single Keyword Ad Group Strategies (SKAGs) that became popular a few years ago. To be honest, it was out of my hands. Fortunately, Google recently introduced several updates that make SKAGs irrelevant, including updates to match types (the settings used to determine ad visibility for search terms), similar patterns, and more.

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