52 Outside the Box Design Ideas

52 Outside the Box Design Ideas The humble box design packaging has come a long way since the cardboard box was first invented Bolivia WhatsApp Number List in 19th-century England. Its compactness and sturdiness prove they’re still a hit among the people today, and chances are, a few of your favorite products come in one. Not only that, the even and square shape of a box packaging provides the best canvas for the most thrilling, eye-catching designs.

It’s because you don’t have to think

about odd, uneven or twisted surfaces. You always know what you’re getting on a box, and we’d say that’s a gift for any discerning packaging  designer. Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing a great box packaging, and a selection of creative box designs to inspire your next project! A person sitting down thinking about some box design ideas Illustration by OrangeCrush Things to remember — Whether your design is whimsical or functional, there are a few things to remember… Sufficient space for product information Bolivia WhatsApp Number List Remember to include enough space on your box design for all the important information. Consider its recycling potential Is your box design packaging recyclable?

Make sure you’ve factored in the

recycling potential of your box design early to avoid surprises along the way. Think Bolivia WhatsApp Number List of your customer (and manufacturer!) Who are you designing for? Consider both the customer and the producer your box design is created for. Think about its hidden hazards if it’s for a kids’ product, or adopt some accessibility design principles, such as using textured materials and suitable colors for the visually impaired. You’ll also need to design within the context of the product’s industry.

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