7 Best Wax Alternatives for Day Website building

7 Best Wax Alternatives for Day Website building Wix is beloved by many… but not all. A favorite among the best website builders for small businesses, Wix excels at simplifying web design for people with no prior design experience. But considering it has some blind spots, you might be better off with one of these Wix alternatives. Below, we compare the 7 best Wix alternatives so you can explore all your options. After diving a little into the problems with Wix, we break down your other choices by features, pricing, pros and cons, plus the type of user they’re recommended for. Note: All listed prices are when paying annually. logos of the other

Wix Alternatives on a Weighing Scale

Illustration by Orange Crush Why you might need Wix alternatives — According to statistics from Tool Tester, Wax is one of, if not the, most popular hosted website builders at the moment. It earns that title by combining a user-friendly interface that’s Kenya WhatsApp Number List easy for beginners with more customization options than its DIY site-builder peers. A perfect middle-ground, Wix appeals to both inexperienced startups and established brands as a hassle-free web design solution. Screenshot of Wix.com homepage Via Wix But despite its triumphs, Wix has its share of drawbacks. For one thing, there’s plenty of cheaper options out there.

Wix Alternatives for Less. Another Common

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complaint about Wix is the loading times, which only get worse the larger your site is. While Wix works fine for small sites like landing pages or portfolios, every addition slows it down for your visitors. For large sites or ecommerce stores with lots of products, it becomes untenable. All and all, the popularity and hype might not make up for the drawbacks, especially if you’re on a shoe-string budget or need to build a big site. In that case, there’s plenty of Wix alternatives that are just as good… 7 best Wix alternatives — 1.

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