7 Networking Tips Every Professional Needs

A thank you or “nice to meet you” email is a great way to keep communication open when you’re in touch with someone. Mention the setting or location of the meeting; Mention your conversation. Better yet, look up their website or product line and add meaningful reviews to it. Importantly, do this quickly – preferably within 48 hours of the meeting.

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If your meeting took a takeaway, use the email to summarize and clearly state the next steps. It’s always appreciated even when everyone takes notes, and it’s a great “stay in touch” tool. If you’re submitting a bid with a certain lead time (eg 2 weeks), it’s a good idea to add a quick note in between to update the client.

Electric sheep Learn the seven steps to choosing the right digital marketing agency 3 Reasons Why Bing’s CPC Platform Can’t Be Ignored It’s time to rethink how we think about digital marketing 5 Benefits of Google Adwords to Grow Your Business Smart rather than constant messaging Most professionals use email signatures to buy whatsapp number share contact details and social media links. But why not add information about an upcoming event, a new blog post, or a promotion you’re running – a short message (6-8 words or less) that can be hyperlinked to your website or page. You gain both visibility and click traffic! Likewise, use the Pinned Posts feature on Facebook and Twitter to draw attention to any event, article, or achievement you want to drive visitor traffic to. A picture or a thousand words?

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If you can’t see it, it’s not good.

“Discoverability” works at the same time. Make it easier for others to find you. The average user will abandon online searches within 40 seconds. Let Google see for itself what happens. Search your business website or Facebook page from a device other than yours. LinkedIn profiles that were recently updated or had more connections appeared higher in the name search results. Likewise, if you’re on other professional networks, make sure to update your business, contact and social media details. Not just sell. engage in.

Social media is a great networking tool, but it’s a two-way street. Just like you, everyone else needs to have activity on their page, so why not post and share on the pages of clients, prospects, and peers. Sharing it is a great conversation tool, and the best part is that you’re giving something, not just asking. That’s why newsletters work so well – they build up EA Leads your subject matter expertise and keep you on top of your response rate. Professional networking requires a steady process of staying connected, and being out of sight is just as bad as facing you. So find the sweet spot for your career connectivity in terms of frequency, channel and audience. Long-term results may exceed your expectations.

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