70% of e-commerce businesses use Instagram, but 50% do not realize the effects of SNS

Digital shelf research institute investigates and understands the actual situation of sns usage. Which is expanding in terms of information dissemination. Attracting customers, contact points with customers, etc. In developing ec business for companies developing ec business.The situation and issues were summarized and published .


As for the survey method, we conducted a gambling email list questionnaire to 205 people who belong to companies that. Develop EC businesses, and to the applicants and participants of online seminars of Digital Shelf Research Institute .



About SNS used as a company

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The most popular SNS is Instagram with 69.8%. Followed by Facebook at 58.5%, followed by Twitter at 50.7%, followed by YouTube and LINE at about 30%



About the effect of SNS



When surveyed about the effects of SNS, 51.9% of respondents answered that they did not realize the effects, which was the most common response. On the other hand, 30.4% of respondents felt that access and inquiries had increased, and only 21.5% said their reviews had improved.



Issues of SNS operation



Regarding the issue of sns operation, the lack of human resources for., operation was the most common at 51.7%, followed by the lack of posting. Material at 46.0%. Another problem with sns is that. It is difficult to see results, such as the effect of 43.7% being difficult to see and the number of followers not increasing.

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