8 Fun & Engaging Content Marketing Trends In Hospitality

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The hospitality industry is bouncing back. Use these 8 tips to maximize revenue and increase customer retention and satisfaction.

Throughout the course of the pandemic, hospitality marketing strategies have had to shift dramatically.

Consumer behavior, lockdowns, and travel restrictions have wreaked havoc with hospitality marketing messaging.

Now that the industry is bouncing back, with more and more people itching to travel. Moreover, it’s time to get creative with your hospitality brand’s content.

Check out some fun and engaging content marketing trends we saw last year and anticipate. We’ll see this year as hospitality opens back up:

1. Touchless And Digital Hotel Technology

With COVID still looming around and many safety protocols in place, the importance of digitally-assisted interactions has grown (in other words, no touching the same screens as hundreds of other people).

According to PWC, 81% of travelers were already looking for more. Digital service options from their hotel brands in 2019 – and the demand has only grown since then.

Naturally, touchless technology was the route to go during a worldwide pandemic. Moreover, so this is the type of technology that really saw a boom in the industry.

If you’re traveling in the next few months, you may see more and more hotels using technology such as touchless faucets, automated doors, and more.

In the future, you may even be able to control different Hong Kong Phone Number aspects of your guest room, such as the lights, thermostat, and TV, from an app on your phone.

Not only does technology like this help ensure that everyone – employees and guests alike – are safe and comfortable, it also makes their stay more enjoyable as well!

The pandemic is (hopefully) winding down now, but germs will always exist and guests will always be looking for a way to make traveling easier and more simplified.    Best database provider | Classy Database

It’s never a bad idea to institute some of these touchless additions to your facility.

2. Promoting Safety

Speaking of safety, one of the most popular trends in hospitality marketing in the wake of COVID is the importance of highlighting and advertising a brand’s pandemic protocol and safety procedures.

Examples can be increased cleaning and sanitation, social distancing, enforcing the mask policy, and contactless food and concierge options.

Advertising this on a brand’s website and also upon arrival shows clear communication and commitment to guest safety, which improves customer satisfaction.

You can use attributes and the description field on Google Business Profiles to showcase these efforts in local search results, as well.

3. Encouraging Staycations

With many individuals still hesitant to travel abroad or even domestically, people have turned to traveling locally, or going on a “staycation.”

Supporting your local community has also become more important in recent years, making staycations even more appealing.

With that being said, brands should be marketing their saunas, gyms, spa/massage services, and food delivery.

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The Hotel at Midtown in Chicago does a great job of this by enticing locals to check out their restaurants, world-class fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools, and more.

Not to mention you have the entire city of Chicago at your disposal, so why not skip the plane ticket and vacation in your own city?

4. Highlight Flexible Cancellations

The world is a very uncertain place right now, and many hotels and flights could cancel last minute.

Brands should offer a generous cancellation policy, which allows customers to either rebook or be refunded.

It’s not the guest’s fault that their trip may have been canceled, and you don’t want to place additional stress on the guest for not being able to get a hotel credit or be refunded.

Some airlines, for example, have generous cancellation policies while others do not.

Chances are those with generous cancellation policies have a higher customer satisfaction score vs. those that aren’t so lenient.

While it’s true that many businesses compete on pricing, they also compete on customer experience and reputation.

For many audiences, it won’t matter how affordable your brand is if it comes with poor customer service.

Although Southwest Airlines isn’t considered a “luxury” airline (as they don’t offer first or business class seats), they have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the airline industry.

This could be partly due to the fact that they also have one of the most flexible cancellation policies.

Customers will return to a brand when they are happy with the quality, experience, and customer service.

5. Work From Home… Or A Hotel

Why work from home day after day when you can work from a luxury hotel or resort?

More and more hotels are enticing business professionals to trade in their slippers. Moreover, and Zoom attire for casual wear that they can lounge in while working from a hotel lobby or coffee shop.

Hotels can market to those remote workers by offering free wi-fi or a cup of coffee when visiting their facility.

Some even have designated workspaces that are clean and quiet and perfect for those. Who can’t go into an office but for whose house may not be the ideal work environment.

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