But Without a Doubt


My best reward has been to see how my project has had a direct impact on a significant improvement in the quality of life of my patients with inflammatory bowel disease  thanks to this new healthcare management model. What does your project consist of? What do you contribute to the health management of the hospital where you work? Given the peculiarities of patients with who are at an early present a chronic course with clinical decompensations and who require early medical action, i developed a new care workflow .

This New Model Was Materialize

In a web portal by , head of the information systems department of the hospital where carry out my healthcare activity. The patient accesses the portal after accreditation and completion Guatemala Phone Numbers of a form configured by us with the essential data for their correct identification, and after accepting the . They send their query through an encrypted mail . Flow that is received in an electronic mailbox enabled for it, and that i manage.

With This Model of Telematic

Consultation enabled every day of the year. We have established an agile and direct communication from the patient to his specialist. Improving his accessibility and our attention to the patient with in case of clinical decompensation and doubts or secondary effects to his treatment. Optimizing and reducing our clinical intervention time. In this way. We have avoided trips and visits to the emergency service.

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