All about the why behind a Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List

Make sure these keywords fit your eCommerce site. To get there, start with search intent.

Uncover search intent

All about the why behind a search. There are four types of search intent, but only three are valuable for online stores:

  • Informational intent: People are looking for information;
  • Commercial intent: People are looking to buy something but they are not yet willing;
  • Transactional intent: People are willing to buy and are looking for the best place to do that.

In general, people don’t go from thinking they need something to buying it the next second. Especially for larger purchases, that buying process goes through a few steps. It goes from awareness to researching and all the way to finding out where and how to buy it. This is called search intent.

In all these phases, customers use different terms to find the products they need. To make your online store a success, you need to know how your customer’s buying process or  works. All these insights help you reach them with excellent products and relevant content.

The intent drives your content strategy

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Different intents need different types of content. For keyphrases with an informational intent, you need to provide answers to any questions a potential consumer might have.  How you do this depends on what you want to achieve and in which industry you operate. For instance, if you sell power tools, you can write blog posts detailing when to use a specific drill — or present lists of the most capable power tools within a price range. Think about what people are looking for.

For commercial intent, people are well on their way to becoming a customer, and it’s your job  Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List to make them a customer of your business. You might solve this by offering content that satisfies the customer’s buying needs. People have an idea of what they need Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List and are on their way to drill down their list of drills to consider just a couple of them. In this stage, you need to provide customers with easy-to-understand content that helps them make that choice.

In the transactional stage, a customer might search for [buy Dewalt cordless drill combo kit] — or maybe even [buy Dewalt cordless drill combo kit near me] if they are looking to buy it locally.  People get their search down to a specific product, and now they are trying to find the best place to buy it. With these searches, customers have signaled that they want to part with their money, and you need to get them to the online store you built on Shopify or WooCommerce.

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