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How do you make sure that the content on your website is still relevant? Why is that even important? For some people, writing new blog posts is the biggest challenge of blogging. However, it’s also important to keep an eye on your existing posts and whether they’re still up to date. And funnily enough, that can be an even bigger challenge! In this post, I’ll explain why it’s worth investing time in your existing content and give you some tips on how to keep your content fresh and up to date!

Why is up-to-date content important?

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Updating content is essential because you don’t want people to find information on your website Shandong Mobile Phone Number List that isn’t valid anymore. If you’ve written a high-quality blog post and optimized it well, chances Shandong Mobile Phone Number List are that people will find that post in the search engines. That was probably the whole point of writing and optimizing that post in the first place.

Imagine a blog that hands out SEO advice to its readers. Although the basics of SEO stay the same, it is a field with a lot of nuances that can change over time. To make sure that people invest their time in SEO strategies that work nowadays, the older posts on this blog shouldn’t contain advice that isn’t valid anymore. This goes for every type of website out there.

Why is fresh content important for SEO?

Keeping your content fresh is important for SEO reasons as well. If you rewrite an article, Google will notice changes in that particular article. If you make sure your content stays up-to-date, you’re actually showing Google that your site is alive and kicking.  You could either update an article – without changing the date – or you could republish the post.

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