Anyone who advocates the importance Mexico Phone Number

Anyone who advocates the importance  of images in. Also, content, on social media or just about anywhere is almost certain to quote the old. Also, chestnut that our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text. A big brash stat like that would make any argument a slam dunk. So it’s rather unfortunate that this is * gasp * fake news, as though many have tried, no one has ever tracked down the original source of this claim. Big claims need big evidence, and a source can’t just be another blog post citing the same stat – so can anyone just delete it with the stats not provided and/or misquoted? Thanks.

What is not disputed, however, is that. Also, we consume visual information much faster than textual information. I just don’t have a sexy stat for you. After all, we use the same visual system.

Let’s say I show you an

Image of a tiger jumping on a man. Also, holding a gun in the middle of a clearing in the jungle. Your brain would see all of thisinformation (and more) simultaneously, capturing the exciting scene almost instantly. However, it takes a few seconds to read, understand and visualize the same scene according to the previous sentence.

Unfortunately, while the power of images. Also, is well known, the selection and fixation process is too often an afterthought. I’ve been involved in more than one content project or website where image selection was consistently treated as an inconvenience – a final step to be reluctantly taken just before the article was published. Producing the content may have taken weeks of dedicated research and creativity, but the first thing most potential audiences. Also, will see is a hastily chosen image selected by overworked marketing assistants who can’t -not even had time to read the last piece.

It’s not the fault of the marketing assistants

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They follow the agreed process or. Also, workflow, forced to do in five minutes what no one else Mexico Phone Number has chosen to consider. They don’t even have time to get lost in page after page of archival photo hell, so end up Mexico Phone Number settling for the first image that vaguely matches the subject. This one of a keyboard with the letters rearranged to spell “creativity” will (ironically) just have to do, because there are 50 million other tasks that need urgent attention if the voracious content beast is to be constantly sated.

As a result, the benefits are undermined by the. Also, use of images that are too abstract or generic to convey the topic or relevance of the content, which is why they fail to capture enough attention from the potential audience.

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