Are there any lessons that Kenya Phone Number

Are there any lessons that you’ve learned from this project?
Yes, everything moves slowly in with other teams in order to achieve our goals.

I had to stop contributing for personal reasons (I would prefer not to make public the real reason why I had to stop the project) but I have the goal to finish reclassification by the end of February and continue working on the design. We would love it if Matt could introduce the new documentation during his talk at WCEU.

Yes, by reading each article we have been able to catch. A lot of outdated information and by the docs team.  As well as a list of blocks. Another good outcome would be for the Support team that they will be able to find the articles much faster.

What does the future of your project look like? Can others contribute to it too?
Documentation is a monster that will need lots of work.New developments and new features need constant updates and writing new articles. It would be awesome when the docs team finalizes the updates and is able to write articles as new features are being developed.

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What would you love to work on next? Do you have any plans?
My plan now is to support Kenya Phone Number the release team so I can learn the ropes and perhaps in the future I am confident enough to lead a release.

Has working on this project helped your personal development?
Oh yes! Reading all 170 articles has been like speed training on WordPress. I understand how the software works a lot better now.

Do you have any advice for Kenya Phone Number  others who want to work on a project like this?
Patience and organization are key. Being able to collaborate with other teams and to understand how one’s contributions can affect (positive or negative) the work of others is crucial.

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