As the manager of a remote content Indonesia Phone Number

As the manager of a remote content team, you need to know what your team is doing. But what about you? Your team also benefits from knowing what you do every day.

Send daily status updates, email recaps, or create a Trello board to let your team know your schedule. Include meetings, business development, analytics, and whatever else you have on record. When a team knows that transparency is a two-way street, morale improves. A happy remote team that respects you as a leader is much easier to manage from afar.

Share a server

If everyone uses their own personal computer, logs in from Starbucks, and uses an Internet connection who knows what, use a common, protected and secure server to store your content work.

Workfront and Google Drive  are two useful homes for secure shared content. Ask everyone on your content team to create and use shared folders to store files in one safe place. If someone is offline, you will have no problem finding a job.

When you’re not in an Indonesia Phone Number office, you lose the ability to walk past someone’s desk for a quick chat. It can be a time saver. But sometimes you Indonesia Phone Number really need to know the answer to a question in seconds, not hours later, when an email comes back.

Take time for the face

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It’s easy to lose touch or not  connect with your remote team if you never look them in the eye. To combat this, schedule one-to-one conversations through video conferencing tools. Just be sure to schedule these video meetings at least a day in advance so your team doesn’t get caught in their pajamas!

If you feel like your team is feeling distant or isolated, bring everyone together regularly for a virtual lunch. Make this hour a social hour where you catch up on things other than projects and to-do lists. This way, you will keep a friendly and personal dynamic within your team.

Bring your remote #content team together for a virtual lunch to help alleviate isolation via cmicontent. Click to tweet

Tool : Have a casual conversation using your personal lines on Apple FaceTime. Use Google Hangouts or Skype for a more professional setup.

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