As Voice Search Changes the Game, Marketers Need Better Call Analytics

No matter how the call is made, once a customer connects, brands often miss the opportunity to track the call and gather vital information that can enhance the customer’s experience. By tracking and recording calls, you can better understand who those customers are, where they’re calling from, and why they’re calling. This insight can help improve SEO, PPC and even offline marketing efforts.

Today, consumers can interact with brands through multiple channels: TV, social media, print ads, video, and more. More and more consumers are turning to their smartphones as their first point of contact (which is why Google is now turning to a mobile-first index). We know that if a customer commands Siri to look up the phone number of a local business, she is more likely to make a call – but where did she get that number?

As we continue to invest in campaigns across channels, a lot of information is missing key information. If a customer uses voice search to find a phone number, you’ll be stuck with no information for call tracking and call recording software.

Fortunately, call tracking technology allows marketers to understand where customers see brand messages and what drives them to convert. One way is through dynamic phone number tracking.

Dynamic Phone Number Tracking Eliminates Confusion

To illustrate this, for example, a customer takes a bus and uses her phone to search for a new dentist for dental implants. Customers go to the optimized dental implants page for local dentistry and enter the number listed to make a call on their smartphone. Without phone tracking, there’s no way to track how she found the number, nor to understand the effectiveness of any SEO efforts on that page.

Enter dynamic phone number tracking. Dynamic phone number tracking is a powerful tool that assigns a different contact number to each visitor or web source such as Facebook, Yelp or Google Adwords. This allows marketers to accurately determine whether customers are getting contact information attorney mailing lists from a served ad, a social media page, or another source. Advanced dynamic number tracking ensures that every customer sees the same number even after visiting different online resources after the initial point of contact to avoid any confusion. For example, a customer who first sees the company number on the Facebook page will see the same number on the brand’s Yelp page.

attorney mailing lists
attorney mailing lists

Additionally, brands can use keyword-level call tracking to identify what each visitor searches to find businesses online. When these visitors call, customer EA Leads service reps can see exactly which keywords they used and where they landed before the conversation even started.

Recorded Calls Discover Personal Customer Insights

With advanced technologies that allow brands to mine vast amounts of quantitative data about customer behavior, many marketers ignore a key piece of information that can only come from one place: the customers themselves. Even though you can track how customers initiate mobile calls through your SEO pages or voice search on social platforms, you need to go further by listening to the actual calls yourself.

Using advanced call recording techniques like automated lead classification, marketers can assess the quality of current campaigns, identify leads most likely to convert, and provide sales reps with valuable feedback. You can then identify patterns to identify specific actions that make shoppers convert on the phone (or, similarly, opt out of converting).

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