Barry: Why Can’t We Find Solutions to Our Own Problems?

Hey! Have you heard of Barry Allen aka Flash? If you’ve been following Angry Ventures, you may have noticed that he is the inspiration for our latest product . But there is more to be said. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the manual process of making an SMS marketing tool and explain why we decided to build it.

**Cheating in Digital Marketing** Internet Marketing and Digital Models and Marketing Models Ep. 5 — Free Agency | Um Marketeiro Digital Cause and Effect: Michael Keating Grant Baldwin Enters Speaker Lab – This Week’s Six Pixels Separation Podcast But first, what is Barry? If you choose the quickest explanation (pun intended), we might tell you australia email list that Barry is the tool that enables you to text people . If you want a techie (I need Joana’s help here), it’s a platform that allows us to import contact numbers , program messages and send them by connecting to the Amazon Web Services API. Long story short: Barry allows us to send SMS in a very simple way without any additional fees from other third parties. Yes, we still rely on Amazon – the cost of sending text messages varies by country – but we no longer need to rely on other third parties.

australia email list
australia email list

The Aha Moment Behind Barry

Recently, we’ve been thinking about creating new positions on the team. This process implies a lot of internal dynamics and questioning why we do what we do . Among the things we’ve been discussing, we’ve mentioned the need to create our own products and create solutions for our own products . In other words, the point is: if we’re struggling with tools, or don’t think something is worth our money to buy, why not take another approach to designing the solution we’re looking for . The same is true for our customers: if we can’t find a solution that suits their needs, why not seize the opportunity and develop an entirely new product ?

Learn when to stop and enjoy the process

When we are our own clients, it is not always easy to know when to stop . Because we’re used to thinking further, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking about the awesome features a product might have. Yes, most of them are cool, but they still take a lot of time to develop. If we wait for them to be ready to launch the platform, we will wait years until we can EA Leads send the first SMS. We should be happy, shouldn’t we? thanks for reading! For more great content, remember to check out our Angry Blog . Here you’ll find weekly blog posts about business, thoughts and life.

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