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In a small company, one person may nee to be responsible for both UX and UI. As long as it is an APP-relate matter, it is enough to find a designer. However, in a large factory, because the responsibilities are relatively finely divide, and design is a business with a lot of cross-knowledge, so the boundaries are not so clear, and it is necessary to judge whether a work should be done by the interaction or by the UI. to do it.

The purpose of clarifying this matter is not to shirk responsibility and not work, but to clarify which designer is more suitable for the job, so as to maximize the utilization of time and resources, and use the least amount of manpower to achieve it. maximum effect.

The following are the responsibilities of the interaction designer liste by the cabinet owner, as shown in the figure below.


Today, we will use the personal page of keep as an example, which things should be done by UX designers, which should be done by UI designers, and which should be done together by the two. Please check keep’s personal page first, as shown below.


From the perspective

Of demand, after getting the demand from the PM, UX will start to analyze the problem from the perspective of demand. The demand is divide into business demand and user demand.

Business needs PM will be more professional than what the cabinet master talks about. Here, the Argentina Phone Number cabinet master only makes a brief explanation, that is, the purpose of the product is to directly allow users to make purchases Argentina Phone Number, or to collect user data for indirect profit. In layman’s terms, it is How products make money.

The user’s needs

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That is, why the user wants to use the product, what problems the product can help the user solve, what benefits it brings to him, and what costs the user is willing to pay for this purpose.

Going back to this case, the product positioning of keep is to provide users with high-quality. Fitness video tutorials, and to form a corresponding social circle. So that users can rely on e-commerce to make profits after forming a habit. A typical marketing model from a tool, to social networking, and then to e-commerce.

It can help lose weight, maintain health and good shape, and users can immerse themselves in the. APP for a long time in order to achieve their goals. And a good body shape is beneficial to social interaction, so a virtuous circle is forme, fitness-socialization-more socialization-marketing.

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