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Before starting to receive requirements, we first need to understand the usage scenarios and environments, and understand these features to design an interface that is more in line with the scenario and in line with a good user experience.

Therefore, in the interface design of the TV, it is best to allow users to operate through the arrow keys and OK, and provide a return key to prevent users from looking down at the remote control to find the keys and interrupting the task flow of the operation. The TV comes standard with a sound system (the volume is turned on by default). So in app design, you can use sound as a help prompt and operation feedback prompt.

Smart TV LCD screens are different from computer display devices and mobile phone display devices. When you design your APP ui interface, you need to know that smart TVs are fundamentally different from computers or mobile devices (mobile phones). Aside from its size, a TV can display more information than a computer or mobile device.

To be less, you should provide less UI and automate certain tasks as much as possible, rather than requiring user interaction.

The size of most TVs on the market is somewhat deceptive. Although modern TV screens are typically larger than 40 inches diagonally, viewers sit proportionally farther in front of the TV than they do in front of a computer monitor. As a user experience, the TV screen size “seems” to be smaller than the computer monitor. when you are setting

When measuring UI, you can use your own mobile phone to connect ps to simulate this experience.

Display resolution of monitors and mobile devices

The maximum resolution of the computer monitor, usually less than or equal to the resolution of the graphics card. The graphics card determines the maximum resolution, and the monitor determines the pixel density. mobile device score

Resolution and pixel density are often fixed, and computer operating systems can handle resolution and pixel density automatically.

The Android system scales the UI according to the device screen size and pixel density. Additionally, you can provide alternative UI resources to prepare the best UI experience for different devices.

TV display resolution

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TVs (even the most modern ones) have scanline-based display resolutions. Google TV supports HDTVs with 3 scanline values: 720p, 1080i and 1080p, which means Algeria Phone Number 720 progressive, 1080 interlaced and 1080 progressive (Android treats the latter two as equivalent). A value of 720 means Algeria Phone Number that the TV can “address” 720 different lines in the vertical direction of the screen; a value of 1080 means that the TV “addresses” 1080 lines in the vertical direction.

How tall are these lines and what is the “width” between each line? That is, what is the actual pixel density of the TV? Android abstracts these numerical values into density-independent pixel units (abbreviated dp).

Android applications benefit from Android’s scaling technology. In conclusion, you should design your UI for 1080p, allowing Android to scale your UI down to 720p, because scaling down the graphics is usually better than scaling it up. In order to get the best image scaling effect, you can provide .9.png cut images for development.

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