Behavioral Data: “Users Only Trust When They See Real Benefit”

Benoît Oberlé. Adventure was born because we had a simple vision: advertising messages would be increasingly targeted, aligned with users’ interests and intent. Therefore, our business is structured based on the collection and processing of behavioral anonymous data. We measure purchase intent for airline tickets, home improvement, home relocation, and 600 other segments that allow brands to launch products that users can benefit from. What exactly is it?

BO The entire industry knows how to work with korean phone number online binary  data (1 or 0). For example, if a user searches for a piece of clothing or an airline ticket, a digital actor will display ads for those products based on one action (the display of a product page or search results). Therefore, this (binary) data can be obtained from a merchant site or a price comparator.

Why is hyper-personalization important in the advertising world?

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Think of “intent” rather than “interest”. Indeed, only a portion of Internet users reading the next iPhone version would buy it, and another portion would not. Or modeled otherwise, every user reading this article wants to buy a smartphone with a 10% probability. Those who visit other equivalent pages will see that percentage evolve into a 100% probability of purchase intent.

BO 20 years ago, advertising was exclusively “site-centric”. That is, advertisers buy ad space on a site or similarity page without further audience selection.

Internet users are increasingly distrustful of their data usage. How to restore their confidence?

It’s a mindset shift and one of the ways to build lasting trust. adblock is already easy, but it is possible to delete cookies through a platform like Youronline However, the entry EA Leads into the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, which requires transparency, has been beneficial for the digital ecosystem. Other offline players with less exposure today (such as payment data, loyalty programs, etc.) will also need to be more transparent.

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