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Many Internet practitioners have doubts about “what’s the point of the existence of interaction designers”: in many companies, product managers are responsible for making requirements and drawing prototypes, and UI designers are responsible for turning prototypes into beautiful visuals. You nee an interaction designer. Today’s article discusses the impact of different interaction schemes on products by comparing different interaction schemes under the same requirement. From it, perhaps we can see the existence value of interaction designers.

Conversely, if the designer has a deviate understanding of the product goal of the demand, it is likely to make a plan that cannot meet the expectations, so that it cannot create value for the company. The professionalism and existence of interaction designers will be questione.

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You may be wondering: Can the design plan of an interaction designer really have such a big impact on the product goal? The answer is yes. For the same requirement, when the product goals are different, the interaction Senegal Phone Number scheme may be completely different. For example, for the requirement of “adding a new play page to the short video fee. Tencent Video and Xigua Video have different product features and product goals, which leads to different design of play pages:

Moreover the second bottom tab of Tencent Video, “Hot Spots”, if the user clicks on. As well as blank space of the interaction bar in a video card, a new. Page, the play page, will appear from right to left. As shown in the second picture in Figure 5.3. On the playback page, click the comment button below the title. And a floating layer will appear from bottom to top, which. Senegal Phone Number displays “all hot comments”; there is. Same width as the screen, exactly as in the hotspots tab fee.

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