Case study: UI design analysis of Thailand Phone Number

Now, we find more and more health apps: fitness apps, trackers, calorie counters, water and food diaries, activity reminders, etc. These apps do help us maintain our daily health.

Today we will share a UI design case of Slumber, a sleep aid app, le by UI/UX designer Ernest Asanov.


UI design of a sleep aid APP

Slumber is designe for people with sleep problems and includes stories and meditations. With this content, Slumber hopes to make users relax and get a good night’s sleep.

The main tasks of interface design are:

  1. Clear and intuitive navigation, users use this app mainly to relax, not spend hours getting information;
  2. Stylish visual graphics to create the right atmosphere for the product;
  3. Highly readable and engaging animations to support easy interaction.

The whole APP is very simple. There are three tabs in total, namely the home page, sleep library, and mine . Let’s take a look at the specific design ideas.

front pageAs for the choice of colors and backgrounds, the mobile user interface is designe according to the functionality of the app. Slumber uses dark tones to convey a softly lit night vibe. There are also some corresponding graphics on the screen, and the overall look is sleek and deep.


Moreover homepage features new episodes and popular playlists, and the tab bar links users to the app’s core functional areas: Home, Sleep Library, and My. Given that Slumber’s target audience is so broad, some users may not be familiar with the technology, so the designers adopte a label + icon approach to provide clear navigation for everyone.


Moreover nifty and eye-catching point on the screen is the custom artwork, which is animate with the preloader, making the wait not just tedious, but full of beauty appeal.


Sleep library

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There is a lot of light content to choose from in the sleep library, and in order to allow users to quickly Thailand Phone Number skim, each option is matched with a corresponding theme image.


Moreover straightforward filter system allows the user to choose the most comfortable setting and  Thailand Phone Number sound combination to complete the meditation or sleep experience. Moreover can adjust the background effects themselves to create personalized sounds. During the process of users adjusting and listening to music, the background image is always there and will not disappear, and the whole experience is complete.

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