Checklist for Each Stage of the Design Process

Checklist for Each Stage of the Design Process Checklists are magic. To some, they might appear restrictive or officious. But when you start a logo design project, using a logo checklist means you don’t have to worry about what you might be forgetting. As a designer this allows you to focus on executing your skills and creatively solving the problem. As a client, this logo checklist will help you understand the logo design process, ensure you aren’t missing anything and help you communicate clearly and confidently with your designer. Logo design checklist Illustration by OrangeCrush Before you start — Understand the purpose of a logo Why do you need a logo?

Visual design can help you stand

out from the competition by presenting a credible and appealing face for your business. But remember that logos themselves exist for one major reason: to help customers identify your brand, business and product or service. It doesn’t have to express every possible thing about your business or contain seven hidden meanings. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to tell the story of your brand so don’t expect a logo to do all of that for you. Of course, your Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List logo needs to be aesthetically pleasing and technically correct. Beyond that, logos should be simple, appropriate and distinctive. We’ll review the logo at the first draft stage according to these criteria. But first, make sure you have a clear brief…

Prepare a clear brief The logo design process

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should be an enjoyable one for both designer and client. This requires good communication and a solid brief. The brief will outline the project, goals and inspiration so both you and your designer are on the same page. You should include things like a concise description of the organization, explain what you do and who your customers are, list your products, services, or activities and add a little about your particular brand attributes. You want to answer questions like how would you describe your personality as a company? What are your business goals?

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