Is Neuromarketing in Danger Due to Its Effect on Children and Their

One of the things that has always been repeated when talking about neuromarketing was that it was not manipulation. The experts, whenever they spoke in public about this marketing trend and what. It allowed to do applying neuroscience to the strategy, indicated that. It was not some kind of shortcut to make the consumer’s brain do what they wanted. Neuroscience allowed Cyprus Phone Number List them, they explained, simply to better understand. How the human brain worked and thus establish the most efficient messages that would connect much better with their receptors. But is that entirely true? Isn’t it perhaps a way to appeal to the subconscious and guide consumers. To do what the brand or company in question wants them to do?

That Is the Starting Point on Which Certain Experts in Childhood

That is the starting point on which certain experts in childhood obesity are settling. Who believe that companies in the fast-food sector should be investigated for the effect that their advertisements and, above all. The use they make of neuromarketing have on children’s eating habits. “If it is proven that children’s brains are being hacked by marketing. It could open up possibilities for legal Cyprus Phone Number List action,” explains one expert. Noting that these companies “Could be held responsible for doing illegal activities that cause harm.” what exactly do the experts believe and what do they plan to do? Obesity experts are concerned about the effects of. The marketing strategy on children’s brains and, as the guardian reported, are considering suing the food industry.

Are They ‘hacking’ the Child’s Brain? The Experts StartCyprus Phone Number List

The examples recovered by the experts are varied. Cheetos used neuroscience to discover that their consumers liked the sensation of having their fingers stained orange after eating them, which was a kind of ‘guilty pleasure’, which allowed them to make a hook campaign linked to it. And his story is just one of many. The experts start from this reality and add that the analyzes on how the human Cyprus Phone Number List brain works have made it possible to determine that it is possible to train it to choose one food over another, although they recall that there is still much to be investigated in the field of the effects of neuromarketing. Experts want to find out if brands are exploiting a weakness in children’s minds “at the cost of children’s health.”


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