Collaboration between Repeat PLUS and EC mail order specialized

Repeat PLUS is a cloud-based mail order system specializing in subscription commerce such as regular purchases. Support management work. In addition, ” Repeat PLUS ” not only has the functions necessary for subscription commerce, but also comes standard with marketing tools with an average sales growth rate of 354%, and a complete operation tool that achieves a 60% cost reduction. there is


On the other hand,

w2Commerce is an all-in-one EC site construction system for general mail order that comes standard with front screen management, back office buy mlm genealogy leads management, CRM marketing, etc., and realizes stable EC site operation with the industry’s No. 1 security. It has functions for the latest marketing, such as sales promotions such as sales and coupons, and linking to SNS posts.

In addition, w2Commerce has a plan ” w2Commerce Value5 ” that supports free version upgrades on the cloud commerce platform and a plan ” w2Commerce Enterprise ” that can customize the system independently for each customer, and responds flexibly to customer needs. It is possible.


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4 cooperation points

By linking the systems of both companies, businesses that have had problems with CRM measures for their online shops can now “visualize” existing customer information, and measure the effectiveness of step mails and e-mail magazines, as shown below. You will be able to develop advanced CRM measures.


・Integrate multiple pieces of customer information into one・Segment
customers based on their purchased products, amount of money, purchase period, etc.・
Distribute various emails optimized for each segment
・Easy operation Consideration and planning of measures using CRM-related data that can be aggregated with

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