The Complete Guide to Content Repurposing

Content repurposing is when you find a new use for all or parts of your existing content. It usually involves changing up the format of the content, e.g., from a video to a blog post.

Here are three reasons why you should repurpose your content:

1. It’s efficient

You don’t always have to create every piece of content from scratch. Not only is it time-consuming, but it also makes it difficult to scale up your content creation.

Instead, take advantage of what you’ve already created. You’ve put in the hard work to create that piece of content, so make full use of it.

Remix and reformat it for different channels.

2. It allows you to reach audiences who prefer different formats

We all have different tastes.

There are some people who prefer reading. Others prefer watching, while the rest prefer listening.

Converting your content into different formats allows you to reach these different sets of audiences.

3. It gives your existing content a new lease of life

In 2017, we published this post on how long it takes to rank on Google. Two years later, we turned it into a Twitter thread:

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We didn’t rerun the study. Neither did we update nor refresh the content. Nothing was changed. But it regained new life when it was turned into a Twitter thread.

Content discovery is a perpetual problem. If your Belize Phone number posts are not ranking on Google, the chances of them being “rediscovered” are low. But they’re probably still good pieces of content. They’re just under-discovered.

So when you turn your content into new formats on other platforms, you help other people rediscover your older content.

There is no “one piece of content” you must repurpose. It eventually depends on your goals and strategy.

However, content repurposing does require some work. It’s not a one-to-one conversion—you have to expect to do some rewriting or editing so that the content fits the new format and platform.

Expert “repurposers” like GaryVee have a team behind them. They’re not going about it alone. That also means that if you are doing it alone, you will not be able to repurpose every single piece of content.

Translation: You need to prioritize.

A good way to do this is to look at what the platform wants Belize Phone number and repurpose content specifically for it. For example, suppose you want to repurpose one of your blog posts into a YouTube video.

Rather than choosing at will, find out what topics people are searching for on YouTube. Then find the best-fit blog post for that topic and repurpose it accordingly. We’ll go into more detail on how to do so shortly.

Alternatively, you can simply find your best-performing pieces and repurpose them. After all, if they’re doing well on one channel, there is a higher probability they’ll also do well on another.

This can be as simple as seeing which of your videos on YouTube have the most views:

You can also enter your website into Ahrefs’ Site Explorer and go to the Top pages report to see which of your pages get the most search traffic:

Content repurposing ideas

Ready to repurpose your content? Here are a few ideas you can consider:

1. Turn your blog post into a video (and vice versa)

We often do this at Ahrefs. For example, our blog post on influencer marketing was repurposed into a video.

This is bidirectional. We also turn our videos into blog posts. For example, this blog post on affiliate marketing was created using content in our video.

As mentioned earlier, this is not done randomly. To figure out which content we should repurpose, we first find out which topics people are searching for. Here’s how we do it for YouTube:

  1. Go to Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer
  2. Select YouTube
  3. Enter a few relevant keywords (e.g., SEO, marketing, etc)
  4. Go to the Matching terms report


Eyeball the report and see if there are any topics that Belize Phone number match an existing blog post you have. For example, we can see that the term “influencer marketing” gets around 1,500 monthly searches on YouTube—exactly the reason why we repurposed the blog post into a video.


If you’re doing it the other way around—turning a video into a blog post—then follow the same steps but switch the search engine to Google.

Likewise, look through the report and see if there are any topics that match an existing video.

2. Repurpose your videos into a course

Most of your content is probably published Belize Phone number chronologically. But chronology is not a great way to consume content.

So why not organize pieces of content in a logical manner and turn them into a course?

For example, our SEO training course is a series of YouTube videos neatly arranged into multiple modules.

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