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Therefore, Of Each Individual. Due To Its Transversal And Propaeutic Nature, It Is Highly  To Study The Subject In Thefirst Semester Of The Degree: The Digital Competencies That Are Achiev Will Be Useful Regardless Of The. Contents That Will Be  On In The Future And Will Serve To Build An Academic Project Of Great Value In Our. University.times With The Configuration Of The Polytheistic Pantheon, Paying Special Attention To The. Mysterious Cults. This Greek Anthropomorphic Polytheism Was Inherit By Rome, Where Other Cults From The Various Territories

Therefore, Conquered By The Empire Also Proliferated; Especially Relevant Were The Eastern Cults.medieval Art By Josefina Planas Arts And Humanities Studies December 15, 2017 Blessed Blessed Of Fernando I Doña Sancha. (Madrid, Bne, Ms. Vit. 14/2, Fols. 186v-187r) (1ª Half S. Xi) The Beginnings Of Medieval Art They Are A Workhorse Of The Medievalists, Because Neither The Christianization Of Rome, Nor The Mythical Fall Of The Western. Roman Empire At The Hands Of Odoacer, Meant A Radical Break In The Field Of The Visual Arts. On The Other Hand, The Invasions

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Therefore, Power Of A “Barbarian” Minority That Impos Itself On A Culturally Superior Population, Strong Enough To Impose Its Artistic Criteria Root In The Classical World, France Phone Number Until The Seventh Century. And Viii. This Period Of Dissolution Of The. Hellenistic Forms, Representative Of The Official Roman Art And The Appearance Of A New Language That. Facilitat The New Expressive Ways Of The Later Mieval Art, Is A Period Call “late-ancient” , Bounded Between Antiquity And The Middle Ages. This Is Why We Consider Medieval Art, Eva Eva. Saint Lazarus Of Autun

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Therefore, (France) (12th Century) The Reasons Given Justify That The Program Begins Practically With The Carolingian Culture, That Is To. Say At The End Of The 8th Century, To End In The 15th Century, Including The Last Late Gothic Manifestations. And The Artistic Production Of The Primitive Flemish. The Program Includes A Total Of Eighteen Themes., Three Of Which Are Dedicated To The High Middle Ages, Five To Romanesque Artistic Creations, One To. The Cistercian World, Seven To Gothic Artistic Creations, To Which Must Be Added A Dedicated Theme. In The Proto-gothic,

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Between These Major Themes And. Medieval Artistic Production. Every Effort Has Been. Therefore, Made To Subdivide Each Of The Major. Thematic Blocks According To The Different Artistic Disciplines, Giving A Similar Interest To The Erroneously Called “major Arts” And To The “minor” (Miniature, Goldsmithing, Stained Glass…) This Option Obeys A Criterion That Rejects. This Hierarchy And The Fact That At Certain Times Some Of These Artistic Manifestations Traditionally. Considered Minor, Was At The Forefront Of Other Manifestations: A Paradigmatic Case Is That Of The Illumination Of Manuscripts,

For Being An Elite Art That Acquir A Special Prominence In Determined Moments Of. Therefore, The Medieval Centuries In Front Of The Mural Painting Or On Table. Therefore, The Same Can Be Said For Goldsmithing: The Richness Of Its Materials Made It Very Popular. A Special Problem Is Its Conservation. Metals Can Be Melted To Fit The Piece To A New Aesthetic. Or Converted Into Currency To Pay For An Army, If. It Follows That We Must Study The Works Of Art In. Accordance With The Historical Context That  Them In Order To Assess Their Real Importance, Apart From Current

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