Creative Topic Search for Blogs 5 Tips

Creative Topic Search for Blogs 5 Tips A blog offers the opportunity to establish yourself as an expert for certain topics in the long term. If you succeed, visitors will return regularly for information or inspiration. Desk with laptop, coffee A company blog or corporate blog lives from its contributions. As the operator of the blog, you should publish articles regularly. It makes sense to plan topics in an editorial plan over the longer term. You can deviate from this with current developments, but you should have topics up your sleeve. That way you always have a plan B in case a post doesn’t finish on time. However, it’s easier said than done to regularly pull fresh, relevant and engaging content out of the box. What’s the best way to find new topics for your blog?

Blog and Social Media Monitoring

If your blog has been around for some time, you should check which posts were particularly successful based on access numbers, comments and the development of user numbers. Perhaps a trend can already be identified in this way, which topics are met with an above-average level of interest. This detailed look back is very important. However, it alone is not sufficient for finding a topic – especially not when you start your blog anew. You should therefore know exactly who your target group is and analyze them carefully. Bahamas WhatsApp Number List Which content is relevant for your target group and which other sources of information do your readers use? Occasionally choose the direct route and ask your users what topics interest them. Give an incentive and reward good suggestions with a little attention. You can ask questions about topics on your social media platforms, for example.

If Other Users React to the Comments

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and suggestions, this can give an indication of which topics are of interest. Relevance in social media is also a good indicator of topics. Observe which topics your target group is discussing on various social media channels, other blogs and forums. If posts on certain topics are shared quickly and in large numbers, this clearly underlines the interest of the users. You can use the BuzzSumo tool, for example, to carry out such evaluations . 2. Rely on experts in your company Another important source of information for blog topics is your customer service colleagues. If it turns out that individual products require more explanation than you thought, you can pack this explanation into a blog article. In this way, you operate content marketing and relieve the corresponding service departments of your company in the long term.

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