CRM Platform ActionLink Launches Free CRM Diagnostic Service

This free CRM diagnostic service can quickly and easily identify issues and present solutions on the spot for repeat customer problems faced by EC mail-order companies.



Free CRM diagnostic

In recent years, competition in the promotion field has intensified due to the increase. In ec mail-order businesses, and efforts to maximize ltv in the crm field are. Once again attracting attention. However, there were very few companies that had a clear idea of ​​what their crm efforts were. What the problems were, and what  countermeasures were necessary.
Under such circumstances, in order to solve the problem, we have started offering ” quick crm diagnosis “, which allows you business opportunity seekers to identify current. Issues with a minimum number of questions. It takes about 1 minute and you can identify problems in your company’s crm area and present. Solutions on the spot just by answering 4 questions without entering personal information.



About ” Action Link “

business opportunity seekers

ActionLink is a customer-centric CRM platform that specializes in e-commerce, and maximizes LTV by automating personal actions for each customer. 3 benefits of introducing
Action Link


By introducing action links that can deeply understand customers, the data necessary for CRM such as customer data, product data, order history, browsing history, etc. are integrated into one on the customer axis, realizing a system environment that can deeply understand the customer image.

2. Optimal message delivery to each
customer By deeply understanding the customer image, it becomes possible to automate optimal message delivery tailored to each customer, and the effectiveness of repeat sales has been proven through thousands of PDCA cycles in the past. Effective measures can be started with a single button immediately after installing the tool, even if you do not have the know-how or time, because the measures have already been installed as an “iron plate scenario”.

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