Digital Marketing: Insights Into the Growing Industry in Lagos

The advent of digital marketing has taken the advertising industry to a whole new level globally, and the city of Lagos has taken its fair share of this development and, more than ever, presents a transformational opportunity, the city’s Businesses should catch up. Online directories have replaced the Yellow Pages, and commercials barely appear in the latest news stories, but are available online 24/7 to potential customers.

Significant growth in digital marketing , especially in Lagos , will continue to be driven by the explosive growth in the number of consumers and time spent online, as today’s generation of internet users increasingly relies on smartphones as their primary gateway to the world Website World Wide Web. Annual spending on digital marketing has also grown year by year and is currently more than print, TV, cinema, radio and outdoor activities combined, as young Lagosians are so fond of mobile devices. Not only will mobile be the fastest growing segment of the digital marketing landscape, it will definitely dominate in Lagos.

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The opportunities presented by digital marketing are enormous, and the cost of participation is quite high. Anyone with even the lowest budget can do some digital marketing and stand a chance of good results. This presents a huge opportunity for Lagos’ SMEs who are driving the revival of the economy across the country. Additionally, digital marketing offers a high degree of measurability, meaning businesses can test, learn and improve their ability sell contact list database to discern where sales are coming from and ultimately ROI. The industry in Lagos is also a broad one, offering many opportunities for those with specialist skills as well as those with more general digital marketing skills.

Despite the dizzying stats, digital marketing remains a mystery to many companies in Lagos , and some believe it’s all about building a website, and that’s only on the surface. To make doing business in Lagos more challenging, the digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, which makes getting into digital feel like targeting an ever-changing target, although at the end of the day, it’s still marketing.

sell contact list database
sell contact list database

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The role of marketers has also changed according to this EA Leads global digital trend, creating a new type of talent collectively known as digital marketers. Most digital marketers in Lagos tend to start out as enthusiasts who learn from their peers and actually do digital in their day job and then narrow it down to a branch of digital marketing such as email marketing, PPC , SEO, social media, online PR and even analytics. But there was a time when the digital marketing industry in Lagos noticed the constant upgrading of digital marketing skills, which was in high demand but ultimately in short supply due to the current lack of training skills to help Lagos marketers develop digital marketing skills.

If you stop an average Lagosian on the street, they are highly unlikely to tell you what a digital marketer is doing. Most of them were shocked by the career opportunities and employment opportunities within the industry. Therefore, educating young people in Lagos on digital marketing is the first step in generating much-needed growth in the digital marketing industry.

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