Does Word Count Really Matter For SEO Content?

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It’s not a ranking factor, so why is word count important for SEO? Here’s what you need to know about when, why, and how much word count matters

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO). The top strategies for copywriting are continually shifting as we adjust to Google’s algorithm updates.

You may have come across digital marketing experts. Who offer guidance on how to improve your place in the search rankings by following their recommendations for word count range.

There have been multiple debates around whether word count matters in SEO, and it’s time to get to the bottom of it.

Is Word Count A Ranking Factor?

Google’s John Mueller has confirmed that word count is not a ranking factor for the search algorithm.

Specifically, he states that “just blindly adding text to a page doesn’t make it better.”

Rather than looking at the number of words on a page, Google’s algorithms look for relevant, original, and high-quality content.

Why Long-Form Content Tends To Rank Higher

Despite Google’s confirmation that word count doesn’t directly affect rank, you can still find plenty of articles and keyword tools that suggest longer word counts.

So, why do tools like Yoast and Clearscope provide recommended word counts if the numbers on the page don’t directly impact rank?

There are a few reasons a higher word count may improve your ranking indirectly.

Some of these tools are basing word count recommendations on competitive analysis.

Writing longer content makes it easier for Google’s algorithm to figure out what your page is about.

Well-written comprehensive pieces also position you as an authority on the topic and enable you to rank for long-tail keyword variants.  Best database provider | Cell Phone Number List

How To Determine The Right Word Count For Your Content

There’s no rule of thumb to follow in terms of the word limit for SEO.

Instead, you can look at your keyword research, competition, and past performance to determine your content’s best word count range.

Start With Your Keyword Strategy

You may create a new piece of content with Job Function Email List a single target keyword in mind.

But a study by Ahrefs found longer content is more likely to rank in the top 10 for multiple keywords.

By increasing the length of your article, you can cover your primary topic from various angles, which means you can rank for more keywords.

In particular, longer articles have a higher chance of ranking for long-tail variations of your primary keyword, with lower competition and higher conversion rates.

For example, long-tail variants of “Microsoft Word” might include “Microsoft Word for Mac” and “Microsoft Word resume template.”

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