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Therefore, Most Of The Languages ​​spoken By Europeans And Most Of The Cultural Nations And Nation-states That Today Make Up The Complex Political Geography Of Europe Were Born. Therefore, The Very Idea Of ​​europe Is Of Medieval Origin. The Modern State With Some Of Its Characteristic Institutions (Courts, Parliaments, Taxation…) Has Its Origins In The Transformations Of European Monarchies In The Late Middle Ages. In The 11th And 13th Centuries, The Anthroponymic System Was Born (Consisting Of A First Name And A Family Surname, Hereditary) By Which Today We Europeans Are Designat.

Catalan Courts According To A Miniature Of An Incunable From The 15th Century Catalan Courts According To A Miniature Of An Incunable From The 15th Century The Middle Ages Have Bequeathed Us Millions Of Written Texts. Most Works Of Greco-latin Literature, Philosophy, And Science Were Transmitted Through Copies Produced On Monastic Desks And Court Classrooms. Arabic Translations Rediscovered Ancient Treatises That Made Possible The Advancement Of Scientific Knowledge And Humanism. Universities As Centers Of Knowledge Transmission Are A Medieval Institution.

The UAE Phone Number First Universities

(Oxford, Bologna, Paris, Toulouse, Salamanca, Lleida…) Established A System Of Degrees, Such As UAE Phone Number Teaching And Doctorate, Which Are Still Fundamental Milestones In The Higher ucation Curriculum. Whether You Want To Graduate As A Mieval Student Or Understand The World In Which You Live, There Are Plenty. Of Reasons To Study “ ieval History ”. And In Order Not To Fall Back Into The. Clichés Of The Humanists, We Suggest You Do So Through The Texts Of Some Of. The Best Specialists Of The Period, Historians Who Have Reflected On The. Cultural, Social And Economic Changes That Transformed Civilization. And Direct It Towards Modernity.


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Pompeii And Bc National Archaeological Museum Of Naples.  Therefore, Wikimedia Commons. Mosaic Of Plato’s Academy, Pompeii And Bc National Archaeological Museum Of Naples. Source: Wikimedia Commons. Ancient History Wants To Be An Introduction To The World Of Antiquity. We Will See How Phenomena That Seem As Modern As Globalization, Already Took Place In The Eastern Mediterranean, Egypt And The Middle East During The Late Bronze Age. Our Ultimate Goal Is To Make The Knowledge Of These Ancient Cultures Understood, Valued And

Disseminated At A Critical Time, Where Much Of This Cultural Heritage Of Humanity. Therefore, Is Being Looted And Destroyed. The Rosetta Stone, 196 Bc Source. Therefore, Wikimedia Commons The Rosetta Stone, 196 Bc Source: Wikimedia Commons First Of All, Through An Approach To The Methodology, The Disciplines Involved, The Chronological And Geographical Framework, As Well As The Available Sources. Therefore, We Will Reconstruct And Try To Understand The Historical Processes That Took Place, From The Fourth

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