EC Industry Chaos Map 2021 – Cross-Border EC Edition

“EC Industry Chaos Map” jointly planned by e-commerce conversion lab and Nihon Net Keizai Shimbun , which will be in its 6th year this season . In the 2021 edition, the first service genre will be “ cross- border EC ”.

The EC industry continues to develop year by year, and there are many services in each service genre that support EC site operators. This EC industry chaos map aims to map the “now” of the e-commerce industry in an easy-to-understand and comprehensive manner. Therefore, we will organize the current state of the EC industry as neutrally as possible and comprehensively post all services



Cross-border EC edition

For the first time, we will deliver a how to get an indian number chaos map of the “cross-border EC” genre. 132 services were picked up and mapped. Since last year, 7 services have been added and 7 services have been deleted.

EC Industry Chaos Map 2021 – Cross-Border EC Edition

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Nihon Net Keizai Shimbun and the editorial department of e-commerce conversion lab independently determine genre division based on the content of each service.

how to get an indian number

Cross-border e-commerce related services surged a few years ago, but over. The past year, the market environment has changed dramatically due to the impact of the corona crisis. In addition, the number of cross-border e-commerce services. Has increased significantly, and the selection of services has begun, and the impression is that the number of services that have ended. Has also increased. There is no doubt that the cross-border e-commerce market will grow further in the long run. But in the short term, it will be necessary to adopt a different approach, such as how to expose new products. In a situation where there are almost no tourists visiting japan.It is becoming more and more difficult to succeed.

Under such circumstances, not only platforms for sales, but also marketing services and consulting services are increasing.

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