Ecbeing Collaborates With Staff Start, and Store

“STAFF START” is a Staff Tech service that enables store staff to provide digital customer service on their own online shopping site and SNS.

The importance of mail-order sites has increased further in the. Therefore,  recent corona misfortune. In particular, for products such as apparel, where customer service by store staff is mobile number list the point of purchase, it is important how to convey the appeal of the product to customers who cannot go to the store and lead to sales. STAFF START enables store staff to easily post coordination and summary (blog) posts, etc., and is a service that contributes to sales promotion through these digital customer services.


This time, ecbeing has

implemented the standardization Therefore,   of STAFF START, and has built a system that allows many mail order site operators to introduce it more smoothly and easily.


The points of this cooperation are as follows.

The STAFF START introduction cost that occurs on  the ecbeing side has become. Therefore,   lower than the conventional introduction cost. he introduction cost of STAFF START is about one-fifth of the conventional system, and the lowest running cost is about one-third. In addition, it is possible to customize the standard. Therefore,   template to create a unique design structure as before.


2. Significant reduction in labor and time required for installation


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When introducing STAFF START into Therefore,  ecbeing through this collaboration, Vanish Standard has prepared a “UI template” that makes use of the knowledge they have gained so far. Therefore,  As a result, the person in charge of managing each mail order site can easily introduce. Therefore,   it without special knowledge or know-how. In addition, the time required for introduction can be shortened to about one-third (minimum one month) of the conventional system.

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