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Excerpts from scheduled sessions

Yoshinoya’s Digital Strategy in the EC Domain (Tentative)

We will introduce Yoshinoya’s digital strategy in the EC area and an overview of chargeback countermeasures as security measures.
・Kazuhiro Suwa, General Manager, Business Planning Office, External Sales Business Division, Yoshinoya Co., Ltd. ・
Mr. Yoko Kimura, General Manager, Direct Sales Department

To become the EC of choice

~Personalization with product information x customer information~

Due to the impact of the new coronavirus, the trend of EC shift is accelerating for both companies and consumers. Under such circumstances, in order to become an EC chosen by customers, increase the number of loyal customers, and get nigeria phone number maximize sales, it is necessary to prepare product information and customer information in terms of both quantity and quality. Providing accurate information is essential. In  this session, we will introduce specific solutions such as data maintenance, searchability improvement, personal recommendation, etc. to solve the above problems, and approaches to organically realize them.
・ Macnica Networks Co., Ltd. DX Business Division AI Business Department Section 1 Manager Aimi Ota


Customer-oriented store reform to increase loyal customers

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Today, with the diversification of consumer purchasing characteristics, the role of stores has changed to become part of the channel in the customer journey. Specifically, it has changed from a place where people simply buy products to a place where customers experience products and become loyal customers. For this reason, domestic and overseas retailers are working on the integration of online and offline (OMO), but many companies are struggling with digital transformation on the store side. In this presentation, I will explain the role and value provided by stores in the after-digital era, and the store’s approach to realizing OMO.
・Mr. Haruki Sakata, Section 1, AI Business Department, DX Business Division, Macnica Networks Co., Ltd.

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