Is the Highly Valued Brand Authenticity About to Enter Into Crisis?

As a kind of mantra, brands and companies have been repeating. Themselves in recent times that they needed to be authentic. Authenticity is the key to success, or at least connecting with consumers. Although the idea seems complicated to develop and explain (after all, what Estonia Phone Number List does it really mean to be authentic?). The question has become ubiquitous and crucial. Millennials and members of generation z are to blame for this rush for authenticity since they. Are the ones who have started to look for this question in brands and who have underpinned the need for companies to be this way. The experts stated that a key issue is that brands mix tradition/inheritance. Sincerity, and commitment to quality, as the backbone of what authenticity meant.

Authenticity Was Seen as a Kind of Guarantee of (Good) Values

A study then pointed out that 91% of consumers wanted brands to be honest when they talked about. Their products and in their relationship with consumers. Authenticity was seen as a kind of guarantee of (good) values ​​and as a kind of insurance that the brand was something. A little deeper than just a company making cash. Everything was seen as closed and the brand was seen with more Estonia Phone Number List respect. Made the key, yes, made the trap. Brands and companies began to use the elements that were seen as clues that the brands. Fit that profile on a fairly recurring basis. Which made the codes in question stop working and cease to serve to identify ‘authentic’ brands. ‘against those who only played to be.

Increasingly Distrustful the Truth Is That Not Only Are Consumers

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The boom in fake news, which has made headlines and more headlines in the last two years, has helped generate a certain feeling that the line between truth and lies is too blurred.If we add to this the fact that social networks are full of false profiles and that consumers are increasingly aware of it, we have a much more complete vision. The world that surrounds us is increasingly full of Estonia Phone Number List half-truths (or that is the feeling that is being transmitted in recent times) and consumers have begun to be distrustful by default. And this could be becoming a serious problem for brands and companies since it could be calling into question the keys on which their identities and brand value are based in the 21st century.

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