Everything I Found at ‘n Stad (Antwerp)

With my limited knowledge of Afrikaans, some French and German through my international upbringing, I was able to eavesdrop on some of the conversations that were taking place, which helped me gain valuable knowledge and carefully select people I thought were relevant to my network . I know I may be kidding myself so much, but when you go to a place with limited human resources to help you and you are not known in this ecosystem, you have to create a “target bank” as they say in the military like that. familiar with the target The producers of the event used a nifty tool called a “conversation starter” for attendees to create summaries of who they were and what they were doing so people could schedule time to talk to each other.

It doesn’t matter how much you think you know, you don’t know anything

I booked 6 appointments, 5 of them during the event to network with 5-7 business owners and learn more about the ecosystem. This confirms my suspicions – Western European startups have visionaries and VCs to back them, but often lack mindset – so need innovation councils, strategic advisory boards from Google, Uber, Microsoft and other big names to help Startup implementations in the ecosystem. Eastern European startups face a different brazil cell phone number problem: their pragmatism is visionary. They can make great products, and they really need help building a vision. This has helped me communicate brand ideas and connect with representatives of Western European companies who want to visit emerging countries to better understand how we work and localize this experience to their target countries. How to create a target bank Assess the person in front of you: Can you give them anything? Can they offer you anything?

How Booze Contacts

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Would it be beneficial to contact them without prior knowledge of their business or painful? Is it really smart to ask 5 to 7 minutes instead of 1 minute to visit their website product to solve the problem? Will this be a long/short sales cycle? Can they be strategic partners? Don’t charge blindly, don’t talk about yourself – talk about them first, understand their pain (if any), and see if they’re just being polite when they talk to you, or you can really help them. business cards are so popular One of the most important things I learned when I started a business was that a well-designed business card makes a first and lasting impression. To my complete surprise, more than 90% of the people who attended the conference didn’t even bring, some of them said 8–9 figure businesses per year.

How can they not afford to carry business cards EA Leads with them? Simple – they have great social proof. They create a good, long-standing personal brand that complements the overall brand, which makes business cards more than enough. Having said that, I’m still not getting rid of my business cards – some “older” generation marketers still carry business cards, but we’re extinct in the world of Linkedin. and other options. It doesn’t matter how much you think you know, you don’t know anything I don’t usually even give conference talks; they’re usually long, boring, and take up a lot of networking time = money. I’m not wrong anymore. The lectures here are short and to the point.

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