Evolution is different Evolution itself is an improved species

On the contrary, if you think that you are just an evolution in your industry, understand it as differentiation. And spend a lot of money to create a new brand. But the giants wake up and use evolution to cover you, it will be a huge loss for you . In fact. It is very simple to distinguish between the two. It mainly looks at whether the new products and new businesses are “better” or “different”. “Different” means that there are huge differences and differences from the current products, and there is no compromise. The difference is to be opposed, and there must be distinctive elements. The basic logic of business competition is that it must be different, and there must be differentiation in order to improve the chances of winning the brand in the market competition.

The basic logic of business competition is that it must be different

Just like the great mission of Rees Company: to seek and define the key forces and laws that affect the success or failure of marketing. Evolution is different. Evolution itself is an improved species, survival of the fittest. Its overall meaning is to upgrade, better and better. It is a Pakistan Phone Number List competition between brands, in order to meet more needs, launch “better” products to solve today’s competition. Differentiation is likely to be a category that does not exist at all, and you created it to solve future-oriented competition, which has huge differences from current products. It is impossible for the old brand giants to launch products like yours, because it is the most painful thing to change your own life. Such a category naturally carries the attributes of a category, which is the best differentiation. 3Find out your opponents and magnify the differences in differentiation Of course, there will be differences in the degree of differentiation. Some differentiations may have relatively large differences.

Its overall meaning is to upgrade better and better

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While others may not. ’ That feeling, not ‘better. Because what we want to create is a new species. For example, Tesla’s pure electric vehicles are differentiated, because they have changed the life of traditional fuel vehicles as a whole, and this type of differentiation is distinct EA Leads If you encounter a situation that is not clear, try to make it clear. You must identify the opponent, attack the opponent, and establish an alternative position. This is how to make it clear. Musk gave speeches everywhere, never departing from one theme, that is to eliminate every fuel vehicle on the earth and declare war on fuel vehicles. This is what creates conflict and opposition in the mind. Establishing class differences. Reese Strategic Positioning Consulting Company has served Great Wall for more than ten years, and there is a judgment based on differentiation. Which may be hard for everyone to imagine. That is.


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