The Facebook-Google duopoly what marketers fear most for

If one thing has become clear in recent years. It is that facebook and google have a dominant position in the online advertising industry. The heads of marketing and advertising of the big brands have been pointing it out.  It and analysts have been positioning it as one of the great trends in the market. Google and facebook not only have very strong positions in the industry, but they are also dividing. The new advertising dollars among themselves (there is that statistic from the wall street journal that pointed out that of each. New dollar that reaches the market, 70% goes to facebook and google).

That’s What a Survey From Marin Software Shows

It is not surprising to discover that one of the issues that most concerns industry.  Players is precisely the role that Facebook and Google play in it. Marketers are worried about what Google and Facebook will do by dominating the market. That’s what a survey from Marin Software shows, which has asked marketers and advertising professionals about the questions that concern them most. The list Kazakhstan Phone number is quite complete and covers the elements that are dominating the market and leading the trends. The duopoly of Facebook and Google is, however, the one that leads. Thus,42% of those surveyed indicate that the trend of 2018 that most worries them about how it will impact their work and their companies is the role of Google and Facebook. These respondents fear the impact that the growing dominance of these two players may have.

Other Issues That Mark the Future After This Issue

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After this issue, tied with the same percentages, other upward trends are positioned. Amazon is, according to many experts, the player that could overshadow the domain of Google and Facebook. It is also something that respondents fear. We must not forget that Amazon Kazakhstan Phone number is positioning itself in a prominent way and that it has managed to establish itself firmly in the advertising industry, so much so that there are those who believe that its enthronement is a great player in the advertising market will come as early as 2019.


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