For products, it also makes sense Conduit CN

For products, it also makes sense to take a look at that other colossal search engine: Amazon. Amazon is a goldmine for product-related keyphrases and related terms. You can also use Amazon’s information architecture to learn how to classify your product. Search for your product (category) and see related — or long-tail — keyphrases pop up.

Also, take a good look at the titles and product descriptions to gather more information about the products. Here, you’ll often find valuable keywords that your customers use to describe/search for the product. So it might not simply be a streaming microphone they are looking for, but a streaming microphone with a built-in pop filter and a tap-to-mute feature that’s compatible with all gaming systems and other computers.

Amazon is a goldmine for product-related keyword research.

Create landing pages for the keywords

Now that you have found your main keywords, you need to represent these in the right way. A commonly used method is to create a per keyword.

A landing page is a page where your visitors “land” (arrive) from other sources, such as search engines or social media. So basically it’s a page that’s optimized to evoke a certain reaction from the visitor, such as buying a product or subscribing to a newsletter.

We did an article on this subject, which will help you understand how We’ve also listed

The relationship between different parts of your store

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It would be best if you created collections of pages that work together in Google. Creating one page containing all the keywords you came up with won’t get Conduit CN you visitors. There’s just too much competition for most keywords. You should create multiple landing pages and embed Conduit CN them in a structure that tells Google how those pages relate to each other. You can use a cornerstone content strategy to  get these noticed by Google for your most valuable content. Marieke wrote an excellent post on Together with your regular content, you’ll be well on your way to targeting a wide variety of keyphrases in the search results.

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