For those users who’ve visited your Wuhan Mobile Phone Number

Another pitfall that can prevent users from buying from you is trust. Especially when it comes to larger purchases, users want to be sure your store is legitimate and they won’t get ripped off. Things like adding a security seals, and can make all the difference. If you really want to convince your customers that you’re trustworthy, check out our article about

10. Optimize your checkout page

There will always be some users who abandon their carts, but you can minimize the risk of that happening by. It’s a good idea to let users check out as a guest, as not everyone will want to make an account. Keep your checkout process as short as possible, as a lengthy process will put off some users. If you have multiple pages in your checkout, you could indicate this with a progress bar. A well-optimized checkout will help you get more completed Shopify sales.

An important feature of checkout pages are discount code fields. If users see one, they’re likely to leave your site to  go looking for a discount. You can try to avoid this happening by promoting your discount codes clearly on your site — or alternatively by removing the discount code field completely.

11. Recover abandoned checkouts with email reminders

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For those users who’ve visited your site but didn’t convert into customers, you can use ads or Wuhan Mobile Phone Number emails to try to  win them back. There are lots of reasons this can effective. Perhaps a customer went to Wuhan Mobile Phone Number research alternative options before committing to buy, or maybe they just got distracted by something else.

Shopify includes a feature that lets you. An email reminder can help users to remember your store, and might prompt them to continue and buy something. You can set this to happen automatically, or you can send customers emails manually if you prefer.

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